Sunday, February 17, 2019

Five Cent Amusements

The dunce did a dance
with his cup of love.


The fox in the dark
makes the house dogs bark


Most everything is expectations
that never happen.

Weather is the first gift from nature.


On stage with my fears
every day I walk out the door


Soon my time
will be someone else’s time


After the storm
broken branches
on the dark pavement
look like overgrown tarantulas.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Words Useful Foul and Savory

Masters of the Universe

Coffee shop idlers
everyone at the center
of their MacBook universe.

Supreme Coffee Brain

After the large latte
and venti dark roast
there were fifteen minutes
where I was at the mountaintop
master of all knowledge
or at least a Sunday New York Times 

Then, slowly
my foot slipped from the summit
and I spiraled down the caffeine chasm 
crushed in an avalanche
of my pedestrian ignorance

Sound Memory

The sound that comes
from one small town is the place
where I was young.

Outspeak the Dark Music

Frantic man yelling
in the distance
to fugitive listeners

Leaf and star
burn at night

The destiny of diamonds
is dust

Bonehouse is the body
said Beowolf

Words I Like


You're No Haiku

Shark fin
old gin
make you grin

Minor Word Distortions

Company Panic
Steel Plates in Head
Home Despot
Artist Rectal

Band Names + Songs

Stage Presence - Last Noise
Milton’s Angels - Robbed of My Heart
Death Trick - Idiot of Man
Bad Samaritans - Red Changes Everything

Memory Tricks

If life is so precious
we shouldn’t forget any of it,
or come equipped with better memories.