Friday, August 26, 2011

By Train

Travel by train.  Paul Theroux's book, the Great Railway Bazaar was the first travel book that got me hooked on what is still my favorite genre of book.  Mr. Theroux will get his own list of books in the near future.  Meanwhile, sharing a few other train books on my shelf.  

1.  Wall to Wall: From Beijing to Berlin by Rail, Mary Morris (1991).  In 1986, Morris traveled east to west through China, Russia, and Eastern Europe.  Bought used at the State Department Bookstore.

Wall to Wall: From Beijing to Berlin by Rail (Travel Library, Penguin)

2.  Making Tracks: An American Odyssey, Terry Pindell (1990).   Pindell traveled all 30,000 miles of the remaining passenger lines.  A perspective on rail travel at a time when passenger trains were at their lowest.  Bought used at DJ's books in Warrenton.

3.  World's Great Train Journeys: Adventure, Romance, and a Kangaroo or Two, National Geographic (no date).    As you'd expect, stunning photos.  Documents train trips from Africa, the Orient Express, Sierra Madre and India-Pacific.  Bought used but can't remember where.

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