Friday, May 11, 2012

PART II: Life During Wartime

How would any of us act during the chaos of war?  Here's a small collection of books on the subject. 

1.  War, Sebastian Junger (2010),  Junger, author of The Perfect Storm, lived among soldiers in a remote fire base in eastern Afghanistan for 15 months.  Junger observes the experiences of the soldiers in Afghanistan in an effort to understand experiences of soldiers throughout history.  Bought new. 

2.  The Face of Battle: A Study of Agincourt, Waterloo & The Somme, John Keegan (1976).  Keegan is one of the foremost scholars on warfare made a study of battles fought 500 years apart.   Keegan profiles the histories from standpoint of the foot soldier.  Bought used from State Department bookstore.

3.  War and Intelligence, John Keegan (2004).  Keegan's scholarship on how intelligence has been used by Nelson seeking Napoleon's fleet, Stonewall Jackson during the Civil War, and the British cracking the Nazi's Ultra code during WWII.  Bought used at BJ's Books in Warrenton, VA.

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