Thursday, July 11, 2013

Adventure A to Z

If you want to organize your adventures and discoveries three different ways: by geography, by person, and by experience.  Here are three on my bookshelf.

1.  The Oxford Book of Exploration, Selected by Robin Hanbury-Tenison (1993).   Excerpts of famous and obscure adventures divided into the seven continents with entries ordered chronologically.  Bought used at an impromptu book sale on the steps of townhouse in Adams Morgan. 


2.  Dictionary of Discoveries, I.N. Langnas (1959).   Organized by explorer.  Starts with Luigi, Duke of Abruzzi, Italian mountain climber and participant in Italian Arctic expeditions and ends with Eugen Zintgraff, German explorer of Africa.   Bought used at The Bookshop in Chapel Hill, NC. 








3.  The Rand McNally Almanac of Adventure: A Panorama of Danger and Daring, Richard Whittingham (1982).   An attempt to cover everything--going over Niagra Falls in a barrel, rowing the Atlantic, walking on the moon, Brahma Bull riding and climbing skyscrapers.  Bought used somewhere.

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