Sunday, December 3, 2017

Why There Will Always be a Monday

Because grey skies
and rain need a place to call home
Because Sunday night blues
couldn’t work if we returned to Tuesday
Monday keeps everyone honest
returning us to an uphill trail
climbing to the scenic overlook of Friday
They say you can see two whole days
from Friday’s vantage point
According to the International Standards Organization
the first day of the week is Monday
Some old religions would say
it’s the second day
but reading Genesis
God started work on the cosmos
on a Monday.
Etymologists would note
it’s a moon day
More people commit suicide
and call in sick on this day
Monday was wash day
and has been called
big, black, blue, clean, cyber, wet, mead, manic
and miracle.
Monday is at the dark end of the calendar 
waiting for us to return.

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