Sunday, July 7, 2019


Duel at the Haiku Coral

Junior fought a haiku duel
with the old witch
and won!

Beach Combing

Everyone is a collection of stories
and when they die
their stories scatter
washing up on different shores
to be discovered by beach combers
or stay buried under the sand.

Eternity Road

Driving eternity road
in an 18-wheeler of flammable emotion
the rest stops are shuttered
except for the coin-operated machines
offering heroism, selfishness, and endless confusion.

Dark and Light

Dawn and dusk and the boundaries are’t clear
but I see rivers of darkness
rushing through the night
Curl away the brown wrapper and there’s a new morning

Here Be Monsters

Dark poetry drove sailors over the edge of the map.

I Saw This in a Movie

A figure on the horizon
the hero waits

too long
deceived and disarmed
but if he had acted too soon
it would have been murder.

Battle of the Bands:

Honorable idiots vs. Imbeciles for Hire
Wrong Again vs. Revenge Men
Favorite Phantons vs. Real Imposters
Fancy Types vs. Russian Tattoo

Traces of Robert Frost at my Graduation

The end of college
was an evening view on a hilltop
looking east
but I forgot all those people and possibilities
out west.

Asleep After Indian Food

I entered the wrong dream
someone else’s family nodding their skulls
but I got to feel the smart dust on my galaxy brain.

Another Absurdist Oxymoron Dialogue Overheard at the Bus Stop

“I thought infinity was farther away than this?”
“Maybe you’re looking at it from the wrong end.”

Who or What

He wasn’t interested in what the man was saying
only to whom he was saying it.

She wasn’t interested to whom the woman was talking
only what she was saying.

Solitude Times Three

The lone boy
alone in his house
all alone in his town.


We’re cozy here
with our beach bonfire,
tiny intellects and changing seasons
sending our sparks to the stars
Our fires burn down
leaving nothing but sleeping embers.

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