Friday, January 3, 2020

2019's Dead Ends

I want two things from that cloud:
rain and dreams.


He collected the empty whiskey bottles
from the dumpster out back
hoping he could distill
from them
the conversations they fueled.


Some have death following them
others have boredom.


Drunk on words
he generated near nonsense combinations
that lived in the outskirts of the galaxy
of meaning
Mathematicians held the center 

with their equations
and as he ventured further out
in the tendrils of meaning
the transition from numbers to words
it was a lonely space 

without gravity.


I asked the flight attendant 

would it be greedy to have 
water and coffee.
She said, “not greedy but needy.”


The Day that Changed the World!
Well, technically that’s every day.

She raised an Cambridge eyebrow
at an Oxford comma


How would you know you’re living in the past?
It might not be until later
when a future archeologist
discovers your bones.


It’s the best!
It’s the worst!
followed by a hearse.


The mother of the sun
got you under the gun.


He took a rare, sophisticated action
before removing the rubbish.

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