Sunday, January 3, 2021

Doggeral House Cleaning

Every few months, I have to sweep up the doggerel from the left side of my notebooks and put it out on the street for pick up. 

Tyrant Times

Stalin’s poetry
makes for a sad science
and sirens in the distance

Excuse me, are these two related?

On the trek
he ran amok

This golden ager
had golden anger

Rated D

Defiant deviant's defacement denuded damsels


Match Making Challenge

Love tyrant
hermit fanatic
oh what a ride

Fall Ride

November sun
reveals ancient ground

On the drive home
shadow bars
picket my path

English Mystery Solved?

Alice in Wonderland listened to the Walrus
John Lennon admitted later, in song,
that it was Paul.

Not that Bard College

I enrolled in Shakespeare’s School of Night

The psychiatrist and the sculptor faced off: 

Mental nudity vs. metal nudity

Baby's First Poetic Rhyme Scheme

What Ed said
Was in Ted’s head
and what Ned read.

Writing Prompt: Father Time and Mother Nature on a blind date

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