Sunday, July 10, 2011

Historical Highways

I mentioned I liked roads.  Another specific category of books on the history of particular roads.  

1.  First Highways of America: A Pictorial History of American Roads and Highways from 1900-1925, John Butler (1994).   A history of the dirt-rock-to-pavement of America's early roads.  Fantastic black and white pictures of early cars, road construction and landscapes.  Bought new.  

2.  Coast to Coast by Automobile: The Pioneering Trips, 1899-1908, Curt McConnell (2000).  A collection of early automobile adventures across the the U.S.  The appendix includes a great chronology of early automobile trips.  Bought new.    

Coast to Coast by Automobile: The Pioneering Trips, 1899-1908

3.  U.S. 1: America's Original Main Street, Andrew Malcolm, Photographs by Roger Straus III (1991).    Sometimes called America's original Main Street running from Main to Key West.  First half stark black and white photographs; the second half a narrative of short histories.  Bought new.  

4.  The National Road, Edited by Karl Raitz (1996).  A history of America's first federally planned highway.   Orginally established by an act of Congress in 1808, the road originates from Maryland, crosses the Appalachians into the Midwest.  Based on Indian trials and pioneer tracks.  Provides a full history back up my maps and photographs.  Bought used at the Raven bookstore in Amherst, Mass.  

5.  U.S. 40 Today: Thirty Years of Landscape Change in America, Thomas Vale and Geraldine Vale (1983).   More on the National Road but a specific slice in time.   Thirty years well contrast by black and white photographs from the same locations--sometimes with the same tree in the shot.  Bought used at State Department book store. 

U.S. 40 Today: Thirty Years of Landscape Change in America

6.  Western Images: Western Landscapes - Travels Along U.S. 89, Thomas Vale and Geraldine Vale (1989).  Written by two geographers who traveled U.S. 89 from Nogales, Arizona to the northern end at Piegan, Montana.   Accompanied by black and white pictures.  Bought new.   

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