Tuesday, April 22, 2014


 Photo (c) John Kropf
Two new poems of adventure near and far.

Everyone should have a backyard
at least once in life
You can dig to China
Play badminton
Tend to your hydrangeas
Pitch a tent
and camp out with your best friend
Mow a lawn
Sun bathe with a cool drink
and if you wait long enough
watch the stars and galaxies reveal themselves
You can rake leaves
and send them back into the sky
by bonfire
And if you ever dig all the way to China
you could end up in someone's backyard.

Lost City

To the untrained eye
it was nothing
But when I heard they found the lost city
covered in the sands of the high desert
I thought of
the last inhabitant
on his last night
inside the the city walls
and how he walked away from its crumbling ruins
into the morning sun
turning the city into a tomb

But then I had to think
of the first person
on his first night
who settled on this hillside
and decided at sunrise
that he would turn his camp into a city

©2014 John Kropf
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1 comment:

  1. Nicely expresses how we are all adventurers--and how remembering our childhood past in our own backyard feels a lot like archeology, and how as adults we could still feel that life has its adventures, even in our own backyards!