Friday, May 16, 2014


They’re demolishing the brick colonial
The one on the double corner lot
That stood for 75 years
For two generations of one family.

They’re cutting down that 150 year-old maple
The one that stands in corner of the double corner lot
One tree, 150 rings
Shade from spring to fall.

The tree goes first
It took them all day
To chop off its limbs
Cut down its trunk
And grind up its stump.

A perfectly good tree
Offering up another generation of green in May
To the brick house in the corner of the double corner lot
150 years gone in a day.

The house goes second
It took them two days
To smash its brick and mortar
The second floor first
The first floor last.

A perfectly good brick home
Ready to offer shelter to another family
On the corner lot
75 years gone in two days. 

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