Thursday, July 5, 2012

If It's Not Scottish...

I've got some Scottish heritage.  One of my all time best trips was to Scotland.  And I like the accents. (burrs?)  It's a great place for romantic and stormy landscapes and getting away from it all.  And also sheep and short harry livestock.  Here's a short list of my books on Scotland.  

1.  Edinburgh Picturesque Notes, Robert Louis Stevenson (1900).   One of Scotland's treasured authors, notes on the ancient city.  Sketches and black and white photos.  The inscription runs two pages (back when they did inscriptions as part of book giving) telling the recipient that the book was purchased during "one of the most fascinating and interesting days" of his life, August 28, 1902.  Purchased for the inscription alone at an Amherst, MA book store.  Book seal William J. Hay, Bookseller, John Knox's House, Edinburgh. 

2.  The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, LL.D. by James Boswell (1973).  Bought used at State Department bookstore.

3.  It's a Long Way to Muclke Flugga: Journeys in Norther Scotland, WR Mitchell (1991).   Mitchell goes Go Samuel Johnson one further.  Find the northern most islands of the Scotland, the Shetlands and find the northern most island and the northern most point--that's where Mitchell traveled and explored.  Bought used somewhere.

4.  Ancient Monuments Scotland, Illustrated Guide published by the H.M. Stationary Office (1961).  More like a guidebook with pictures and a glossary.   Part of an official series of guides to ancient monuments in Scotland, England and Wales.  Bought used but don't know where.  No book picture but I'll include this ancient monument.


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