Friday, July 6, 2012

A Small, Strange Collection

This may be one of the most strange and eclectic book lists.  The only thing these books have in common is that they were purchased for one dollar or less and are small in size.  Have a look.

1.  Happiness is a Dry Martini, Johnny Carson (1965).  Very much a 60's "Mad Men" period piece.  Illustrated by Playboy cartoonist Whitney Darrow, Jr.   One-page variations of Happiness is...recognizing your new secretary from an old Playboy Magazine.   Bought used somewhere.

2.  The Heroic Korean People, Chinese Foreign Language Press  (1972).  Full of color pictures, a piece of North Korean propaganda.  With a forward, "May the blood=cemented militant friendship between our two peoples remain forever green!"   Pictures showing soldiers with rocket launchers with captions like, "Korean People's Army fighters practice shooting with deep hatred for the U.S. aggressors."  Bought used at the State Department Bookstore.

3.  Overseas Orders: A Handbook for OSS Armed Forces Personnel About to Go Overseas, Prepared by the Transportation Branch of OSS  (1944).  Marked "Restricted."  A practical guide for the forerunner of the CIA.  Would have been used in WWII.  Bought used at the State Department Bookstore.

4.  The Green Book, Mummar Al Qathafi, 10th Ed. (1987).  Provides solutions to the problems of Democracy, Socialism and provides a Third Universal Theory.  With an inscription, "Dear Susie, With my best regards and best wishes, Abdelmagid Bashi Eluahmadi, January 1, 1993."  Bought used at State Department Bookstore.

5.  The Observors Book of Aircraft, William Green with silhouettes provided by Dennis Punnett (1977).  Pictures, silhouettes and specifications of 137 aircraft.  Bought used somewhere.

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