Friday, July 6, 2012

Clues to Lost America

Given the time, I would roam every back road of the America.  In planning for that day, I collected some references guides to take with me.  Here's a short list.  

1.  A Field Guide to America's History, Douglass L. Brownstone (1984).  A reference guide showing where to look at the land to find man-made footprints across America complete with a glossary and bibliography.  Bought used at BJ's Books, Warrenton, VA

2.  The Lost Towns & Roads of America: A Journey Revealing Early America Still Here Today, J.R. Humphreys (1961).  Humphries set out from the Atlantic Highlands of New Jersey westward across the country to following Indian and pioneer trails through the midwest and southwest all the way to Spanish settlements along the California coast.    Map of journey on inside boards.  Extensive black and white photos.  Bought used somewhere.

3.  America's Architectural Roots: Ethnic Groups that Built America, Edited by Dell Upton (1986).   A reference guide published by the National Trust for Historic Preservation containing photos of dozens of ethnic architectural styles.  Tall and narrow, it was clearly designed for architectural fieldwork.    Bought used somewhere.

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