Saturday, September 26, 2020

A Mystery and a Storm

Artist Unknown


Second Story Mystery

I remember living
on the second floor
the one you see from a passing car
on an urban highway and wonder
who lives up there
with the light
on so late at night
well it's me
watching the cars go by
until one night driving
home from my shift
at the liquor store
I run out of gas
on some other urban highway
and there it is
above the rusting guardrail
a square of light
from the second story window
and me
wondering who is
up there
so late at night
with the light on.













Gray and Gold, John Rogers Cox, Cleveland Museum of Art


Without Schedule

I want
enough time
to find a vantage point
to view armadas
of thunderheads
crawl the western plains
on tentacles of lighting
and see the bruised sky
after the storm
at sunset.

I want
more time
to understand the prevailing wind
and observe
of crows and hawks
and sit out on the land
long enough
to be watched by nature
as if I was part of it.

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