Monday, September 7, 2020

Vintage Travel Guides: Part 4 - Africa to Iceland


Part 4 of Vintage Travel Guides. There’s nothing like contrasts and travel between your home and the place you’re exploring. Here I’m adding two completely unrelated vintage travel guides one for Iceland and one for Tanzania.  

1.  My east African safari, Keith Gatling (1971). A small booklet provided by African tours and hotels limited. Guide has drawings of animals and map inserts to help visitors identify different African wildlife on their Tanzanian safari. it even includes an animal checklist at the back. This one was owned by "E. Beaman", dated January 24, 1975. They’re checked off animals includes a Colobus, an Elephant, Warthog a Bungo, a Bush Buck, a Buffalo, and a Water Buck . 

2. Handy facts on Iceland (1972). 
A pocket size guide that provides summaries of the country the population and social affairs. 
3. Nagel's Encyclapedia Guide - Iceland. (1968). Part of a series of pocket sized guides published by Nagel Publishers in Paris.  Contains maps, practical tips, suggested routes, and survival vocabulary.

All purchased in the basement of the State Department at the AFSA bookstore.

Imagine packing for a consecutive Tazanian-Iceland travel adventure. Plan enough space for your trip to the Svínafelsjökull glacier with your ice axe and windproof gore-tex jacket together with a transition for the Safari with a pith helmet and khaki cargo shorts.

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