Sunday, September 27, 2020

Nonsense Amusements










Plato at the Rave

Welcome to the rage cave
both old and odd

Dark Rebellion

In front of the crowd
he threw the detached claw
into the maw
and turned his back  
on stone monkey gods
with flames for eyes


Ready for bed
gashed my head
filled with dread

Furniture and Nothingness

What’s good
for the discount furniture store
is good for the nihilist
Everything Must Go!

Throw in Bad Alliteration

I destroyed the dessert
for the deserving desert party
At dawn it was desultory

Fade to Black

You’ll know it’s the end
when light sneaks away  
the space 
vacant for darkness.

Let’s Have Halloween License Plates

Slogan: First in Fright!

Perverse Boast

He sang
My spinster sister
the sinister usurper

Mark Your Calendars

On Opposite Day
I’ll watch my basement TV
in the attic.

Could it be a Song?

His brain was original
His heart was not
like all the others
it was broken.

Cut Grass

Sounds of the lawnmower
someone nearby  
is maintaining order.

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